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Distributed Automation System
Distributed automation Systems are built, maintained, and expanded efficiently using SNAP PAC S-series controllers
With SNAP Ethemet or SNAP Simple I/O units.

  • At the I.O level, SNAP Ethemet and SNAP Simple
    brains Provide the local intelligence for analog, digital,
    and serial signals. Latching, counting, thernocouple
    linearization, ramping, PID loops, and Profibus
    communication are just a few of the tasks that are
    handled locally.
  • At the controller level, the S-series SNAP PAC
    oversees control and communicates with other
    controllers and third-party OPC clients.
It's easy to add controllers and I/O units as your system
Just copy existing configurations to new I/O units and
re-use control strategies and subroutines in new
controllerss. Changes are easily made.