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Sekyung Corporation was established in 1989 as an international consulting and trading company for mineral and Metallurgical Industries in South Korea.

We have been active in the mining and manufacture of minerals , Talc and Magnesite for 25 years in China and international trade for Ferro Alloy as export House of our subsidiary Company in Korea.

Our first factory of Magnesite and talc was built in Dashiqiao and Haicheng of China where best magnesite is mined

Magnesite are mainly processed with Fused Magnesite and Dead burned Magnesite for Refractory and Steel Industry, and Calcined Magnesite for Desulfurization agent and Fertilizer

Talc powder have been supplying to Paper and Paint Industry for filler and Ultra fine Reinforcement Talc for Polypropylene and thermoplastic is important to the automobile and home appliance industry.


These product development have been the keys to our successful business and based on this success, we have developed other products applied to the same customers and industry.

Sekyung Corporation has been a leader in the raw materials which are widely used by leading refractory and steel industry in the world, All of these products contribute high performance and success of business

Sekyung Engineering Co,.Ltd was formed as EPC contractor to support the marketing area of Sekyung Corporation such as Ignition Furnace in Sinter Plant of Iron Ore, Synchronized Sheet Cutter for Paper Mill, Ground Calcium Carbonate for paper filler and coating pigment, and body assembly line for car industry,and Liquid CO2 gas facility

Mars Corporation was formed as manufacturer of Tap Hole Clay for Blast Furnace and Arc Furnaces in Ferro Alloy industry and being supplied to world market through Sekyung Corporation.

Sekyung Data Systems was formed to support the control & Monitoring system of the equipment and plant built by Sekyung Engineering.

You will find more information about these products and their applications throughout this website, Use some of the links below to learn more and see the next for detailed product and application.

Yours Faithfully

Jaenam Shim