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● Wet-Grinding GCC Slurry Production Line with Co-Materials / Beads & Dispersing Agents

With our long experiences for purchase and supply of raw materials and various exchange of related informations with our business partners in the world, We are requested from the partners to get the best ideas for their new and up-grading
project and involved for the production equipment and marketing of the final product as well.

We have been involved many industrial projects and, As one of big project, Production Systems for 120,000MT Capacity of Ground Calcium Carbonate (GCC) Slurry with finest Particle Size, 2 ㎛ 99grade is supplied and installed at NANCHANG
HAIMING CHEMICAL CO,.LTD in china and This GCC Product in Slurry is being used as Coating Pigment of LWC (Light
Coated Paper) and Coated Art Paper for Chenming Nanchang Paper Mill.

Also GCC can be used for paint industry as filler pigment.

Coater for Art Paper GCC Slurry As Coating and Filler Pigment
Below show the Process of Wet-Grinding GCC Slurry Production Line and View of the systems installed at the
Nanchang Haiming Chemical Co,. Ltd.

Wet Grinding Equipment installed in Nanchang, China
Control system for production of GCC 120,000MT in NanChang, China