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Reheating Furnace for Rolling Mill
■ Heating furnace for continuous rolling mill
Walking beam type furnace
ㆍThe quality of rolled materials is outstanding by equal overall heat.
ㆍThe structure is simple to charge and discharge materials.
ㆍThere is no limit to heat materials in part. Also, there is no crack and friction at the heating circumstance.
Waling hearth type furnace
ㆍHeat effect is outstanding for small scale and variety of items.
ㆍMinimum use for cooling water and low use for fuel basically.
ㆍThere is no heat spot and scratched spot due to no friction at the heat step.
Roller hearth type furnace
ㆍEqual maintenance for temperature distribution, simple control.
ㆍProper equipment for large quantity production, Reduction in personnel expenses by automation production
Pusher type reheating furnace
ㆍLow cost for installation, Simple structure, Low use for fuel, Minimum use for industrial Water.