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Laddle and Tundish Preheater
ㆍType: Horizontal & Vertical types
ㆍLadle capacity: 150Tons
ㆍHeating Temperature: Approx 1,200'C
ㆍFuel: LNG or Light Oil (NO.2)
ㆍGas quantity:Max.400 Nm ³ /Hour
ㆍAir quantity: 200~800Nm ³ /Hour
ㆍControl Method: T.I.C
ㆍBurner: Long frame Burner
* Type: nozzle mixing type
* Capacity : 350 x 10⁴Kcal/Hour
* Ignition: Auto ignition(Pilot burner)
* Operating: Macual operating at local panel
ㆍLP is one of necessary equipment for the operation of an electric arc furnace and preheats enough the ladle which
  receives diretly molten steel from the E.A.F. around 1,200'C
ㆍLP is equipment a pilot burners which ignites automatically and controls the burner and uses both liquid
  natural gas(LNG) or light oil (NO.2)
ㆍFor its proper operation and moving, the horizontal type is designed to be equipped with wheels, and the vetical type
  is installed on a car.